Monday, May 14, 2012


Having regret means being unable to accept the basic fact that we did the best we could in any given situation. To be able to move forward with our lives, we need to let go, and stop wishing for a ‘better past,’ and learn what it means to live with no regret 

No regret means accepting that you made a choice. Either it was the choice that felt right to you at the time, or you were not ready, willing, or able to make the choice that did feel right but took more courage than you could muster.

If you followed your heart, then whatever the outcome, you acted bravely, and deserve to feel pride not regret. Try to understand and accept that it is impossible to foresee every potential outcome in any scenario. It is also impossible to know what results the alternative choice may have brought. You trusted your intuition, and even though you may not like the results that this action brought, undoubtedly you can learn and grow from the situation.

You have also taken positive action in creating your own path, and this is a wonderful thing. Every time you make a choice that truly feels right to you, you are developing your trust in yourself. Don’t let that trust be diminished because the outcome is not what you might have hoped. Bear in mind that it is also beyond our human abilities to predict what positive effects a seemingly negative turn of events can have on our future.

If you feel regret because you didn’t take a stand, then try to forgive yourself, and understand that you did the best you could at that time. Rather than beating yourself up about not being more proactive, assertive, or whatever, accept that you didn’t act the way that would have made you feel powerful. Decide that you would like to try and become more empowered in your future choices. You realize that taking the ‘easy’ way out didn’t result in feeling good about yourself, so work on developing the strength and courage to make tougher, but more uplifting decisions in the future. 

When you actually do manage to take the path your soul is urging you to take, make sure you validate your actions. Tell yourself that you are strong and courageous, and that whatever the outcome of your actions may be, you have taken a bold and positive step. Even if things don’t work out exactly as you envisaged, and they rarely do, decide that you will focus on the fact that you took a stand.

By choosing to live life with no regret, we can free ourselves from the pain of second-guessing our past actions. Not only will regret fail to change anything about the past, but it will also prevent you from living fully in the present. By remaining trapped by ‘what if,’ and ‘if only,’ you are not able to enjoy every new moment that you experience. You are also unlikely to make clear and conscious decisions that will create the present and future you want, because your mind is so clouded with worrying about what you perceive is wrong with the past.

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